Monday, May 11, 2015

We Are Never Home

My Google Calendar looks like a Candyland board-- squares and rectangles in pink, yellow, green, blue smattered all over the page, some overlapping and some completely covering one another. 

That means we will have to divide and conquer.  That means we'll have to be late to a birthday party because of a parent meeting.  That means my darling hub and I may go a couple of days with barely a hug and a "hello," two battered ships passing in the night.

This is what homeschooling means.  What it doesn't mean is "staying home."  At least for this family. 

Between theatre and gymnastics and our one day a week of homeschool classes, friends and music lessons and library programs, and then of course our adult pursuits (yes, we do have hobbies and passions and jobs and lives outside of our growing children), we are almost never home for a whole day.  And oh, I WISH I could just be home some days... sitting and reading or dinking around the house cleaning and cooking, gardening or walking the dog.  That sounds so nice.

But before we know it our kids will be all grown up-- seriously, my son is three years away from adulthood!  What?!  How did that happen?

Hub says as soon as they're both out, we are moving somewhere far away and not telling them where we are until we are good and rested-- I mean, ready.  I said that was fine as long as the dogs went with them.

NEXT week we are headed to the Unschooler's Waterpark Convention at Kalahari, and I'm so looking forward to the rest.  I've been told by both of my children that we are barely going to see them-- they'll be off at workshops and fun activities with their friends and hundreds of other homeschoolers, so hub and I will have the room to ourselves for long stretches of time... and you know what that means.... he naps in one bed and I nap in the other!

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